McDonald’s vs. Burger King: The Ultimate Showdown

McDonald's vs. Burger King

It’s time to settle the score between these two fast food giants. Burger King vs McDonald’s – which of these two restaurants will come out on top? Which has better food?, Which has better business practices? Which is the cheaper option? All this and more will be revealed in our comprehensive showdown of Burger King vs McDonald’s! Check out our side-by-side comparison table below and don’t forget to let us know who you think comes out on top!

What I got at McDonald’s ?

A classic hamburger, large fries and a bottle of water—and I spent about $10. What I got at Burger King: A Whopper, large fries and a bottle of water—and I spent about $9. Overall thoughts: For once, McDonald’s is cheaper than its rival! This surprised me because McDonald’s is usually more expensive than fast food restaurants with its Dollar Menu . However, BK just made a few tweaks that allow it to keep prices lower while still making enough profit to stay in business (aka they’re doing something right). My verdict: While you can always opt for a cheeseburger at McDonald’s, it won’t be cheaper than going to BK.

McDonald's vs. Burger King

I went to both McDonald’s and Burger King on a Friday around noon, so my visits weren’t terribly busy. In fact, I barely had to wait for my food at either place—in fact, I was in and out of both restaurants in less than 20 minutes! That said, I did notice that McDonald’s seemed busier than usual while BK was pretty empty aside from employees. This may have played a role in how much time it took me to get through each restaurant line (BK can only order one item at a time).

What I got at Burger King ?

My order consisted of a classic cheeseburger, which came with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on a sesame seed bun. A small portion of fries was included with my meal as well. There are several other menu items I would have liked to try, but unfortunately I only had so much time on that particular day. I will definitely be coming back to see what else is on their menu in addition to french fries!

After placing my order and waiting for a few minutes, my food was brought out to me by one of their employees. I would have liked to see more people working there when I ordered, but it is possible that they were just busy with other customers at that time. Overall, I was very pleased with how easy it was to place an order and get food while I was at Burger King and will definitely be going back in the future!

McDonald's vs. Burger King

Showdown Results !

Here are results of my showdown, After taking votes from people here and there, I can confidently say that McDonalds came out on top with 57%, proving that Mc Donald is a better mascot than The King. With 18% going to Burger King and 25% being undecided, it shows how passionate people are about these classic fast food rivals. One thing is for sure, they are both going to need to pull their socks up if they want to beat each other in next years showdown!


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