McDonald’s is better than KFC for these 5 reasons

McDonald's is better than KFC for these 5 reasons

McDonald’s is better than KFC in several ways, as outlined below. It’s one of the most popular fast food chains in the world, and it has been around since 1955, serving millions of customers every day. In fact, it’s on track to be bigger than Burger King and Wendy’s within the next decade. Here are five reasons why McDonald’s is better than KFC for you and your family…

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1) More choices

McDonald's is better than KFC for these 5 reasons

McDonald’s has many more options. You can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner—and every meal between—at McDonald’s. If you go to KFC, you can only have chicken and some sides. Both restaurants have healthy alternatives if you want them (e.g., salads at McDonald’s), but they don’t compare to what you can get at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s also has more choices when it comes to food. Sure, you can get chicken at KFC, but you can also get hamburgers and a whole host of other menu items. You can even mix and match, creating some interesting combinations with McPick 2 or McCafe. Additionally, McDonald’s has more choices when it comes to drinks. You can get a regular Coke or one of several specialty drinks at Mcdonald’s. With KFC, you’re limited to Pepsi products.

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2) Better prices

Both fast food giants serve up some of America’s favorite meals, but you’ll save more money at McDonald’s. A combo meal that includes a Quarter Pounder, fries and drink costs $7.19 at McDonald’s while an order of chicken wings, mashed potatoes and coleslaw with a side of gravy runs $10.00 at KFC (based on prices in several U.S.

Fast food restaurants are all about convenience and speed, but who’s got time to leave their office or sit in a drive-thru when you could be getting some work done? Ordering McDonald’s online for delivery allows you to get your food without having to interrupt your workday.

McDonald’s also lets you customize your meal with options like bacon, guacamole and extra pickles. If you order a Quarter Pounder with cheese at McDonald’s, you can choose from six different burger patties: regular beef, spicy chili-seasoned beef, grilled onion Cheddar cheese and tomato or mushrooms (or get them all). Compare that to ordering chicken on a biscuit at KFC – there are only three choices.

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3) Lower fat

McDonald's is better than KFC for these 5 reasons

At McDonald’s, many items on its menu contain less fat than those at KFC. While McDonald’s French fries still have more total fat (7 grams) per serving than their KFC counterparts (6 grams), they also have only one gram of saturated fat compared to 2.5 grams in other fast-food french fries.

Although many of McDonald’s sandwich offerings contain about as much fat as those at other fast-food restaurants, some menu items offer less saturated fat. For example, a Big Mac contains 7 grams of total fat, including 2.5 grams of saturated fat and 0.5 grams of trans fat, while a Chicken Snack Wrap has 8 grams total fat and only 1 gram of saturated fat.

4) Fresher

McDonald's is better than KFC for these 5 reasons

McNuggets, chicken burgers, and other McDonald’s chicken products are made with 100% white meat, sourced from chickens raised without added hormones or steroids. In fact, chickens are never given any antibiotics at all—they never need them because they’re never sick in the first place. That’s why McNuggets only have 35 calories a piece (that’s less than a chocolate chip cookie) yet still taste so juicy and delicious. Fast food doesn’t get fresher than that!

Meanwhile, KFC’s chicken products contain only 55% white meat. The rest of their chicken includes dark meat and skin (skin! ugh!), plus fillers like corn and soy. When you take into account that most people eat with their eyes first, it’s no wonder that people are more likely to choose McDonald’s if they had to choose between Big Macs and bucket meals.

5) Healthier sides

McDonald's is better than KFC for these 5 reasons

Although both restaurants have a few low-calorie sides, only McDonald’s has truly healthy options, like fresh salads and fruit. And most of its sides are around 100 calories or less—not quite as good as KFC’s Fiery Hot Wings (50 calories) but much healthier than some of their other sides.

KFC’s sides, however, have more fat and calories. Their chicken pot pie has 310 calories and 17 grams of fat, while their corn on a cob has 240 calories and 9 grams of fat. That’s not to say that you should avoid these dishes completely—just make sure to account for them in your meal plan.

McDonald’s Fries, on average, have fewer calories and less fat than KFC’s. While both restaurants offer large fries with an average of 450 calories and 22 grams of fat per serving, McDonald’s also offers smaller fries—and you can order half-servings to save even more.

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