20 Amazing Hack That Makes Healthy Life Easier

Here are 20 different hack makes Healthy Life Easier

Hack #1 Place pot full of water in AC room

Do you have a thirst? And, on occasion, bodily aches when sitting in an air-conditioned room. This is due to the fact that air conditioners dehydrate. That absorbs water from the atmosphere and then from our bodies. But don’t worry, one clever life hack is to leave a pot of water in the room when the air conditioner is turned on. The air conditioner will suck the water and then save you.

Hack #2 Do not peel off the skin

Before preparing potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and cucumbers, do not peel them. Yes, it is present. Feel, which is loaded with vitamins and minerals. What about insecticides, though? Soak it in the baking soda solution for 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time. This saves you time and energy. It also provides additional nourishment.

Hack #3 Check the color of juice

I’m not sure if you were provided fresh sugar cane juice by the vendor. One simple trick is to identify fresh sugar cane juice by its color, new sugar cane juice is bright green in color, but not so fresh sugar cane juice is deeper in color. Take extra precautions the next time.

Hack #4 Cut cucumber from center

It’s so annoying when the cucumber that you had cut turned out to be bitter. Isn’t it well if not anymore, next time cut the cucumber from the center and leave it for 15 seconds and then cut it. It will be sweet and nourishing.

Hack #5 Do not waste lentil water

Do you directly soak lentils and water and throw off the water in which it was soaked before cooking never made that mistake this is the water which is so full of micro nutrition. Of course, we should clean the lentils as well, so the best way is to first wash the lentils thoroughly and then soak it in as much water as you would need for cooking it. After 6 to 8 hours, you can directly place the pot on cooking. No loss of nutrition. Smart, isn’t it?

Hack #6 Must soak all lentils and rice

Do you shy away from soaking split lentils as they readily get cooked? No, that’s not the healthy approach. You must soak all lentils, pulses, rice and even broken wheat before cooking, irrespective of their cooking time. This is because all these foods get assimilated 100% only when they are soaked prior.

Hack #7 Add hot water in curries

We frequently need to add extra water when preparing curries. However, the majority of us. In this case, add normal flowing tap water. Never, ever do it. It will not only lengthen the cooking time, but it will also make the curry more difficult to digest. Instead, heat the water and then add it to Curry’s. This method is far healthy and tastier.

Hack #8 Take time to knead the dough

The longer you need the dough for chapati, the less time your stomach will need to digest it. In fact, anytime you start a dinner, always knead the dough first, cover it, and then prepare the chapati last. This will result in softer, faster-digesting chapati.

Hack #9 Add hot spices in rice

Rice should never be consumed late at night. Have you heard about it? Don’t worry, it’s not entirely true. It is commonly stated as such due to its exceptionally cold potency. As a result, when taken at night, it might induce sinus issues and even weight gain. However, the solution is to add Bay leaf and black pepper when preparing it for dinner, which balances it out so that you can enjoy your meal.

Hack #10 Mishri (Rock candy) turns stone like?

If you have ever tried storing Rock candy in an air-tight container for future use you would find that it turns hard like stone, to avoid this after grinding the Mishri (Rock candy) let it cool down and then transfer it in an air-tight container. Works so well.

Hack #11 The right way to drink herbal concoction

Whenever you drink a herbal concoction, be it lemon water, aloevera juice, or giloy juice for immunity, make sure that you do not add too much water to it. According to Ayurveda, for best results, the quantity of water should be equal to the herbal juice added or at Max double, not more than that.

Hack #12 For how often should you drink one herbal concoction?

If you are frequently perplexed about how frequently you should consume one herbal concoction. According to Ayurveda, one herbal mixture should be eaten for at least one mandala, or 48 days, for it to be effective. As a result, it is often advised that a lump payment of two months be paid after this time period. You should abstain from using that herbal remedy for at least 15-20 days. That is not to say you should let your system get used to it before restarting if necessary.

Hack #13 First and last meal of the day

The first meal you eat after waking up and the final meal you eat before going to bed have a specific significance in terms of absorption and effectiveness. As a result, herbal combinations are advised before breakfast, and therapeutic herbs are prescribed with milk before bedtime. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Hack #14 Eat Dalia (broken wheat) for your fitness goal

Should you eat vegetable Dalia for weight loss. Can I eat it for weight gain? Yes, to both. Ayurveda suggest that if Dalia that is broken wheat is roasted in Ghee, it is helpful for weight gain. However, if it is roasted in a cold pressed oil, it helps shed off the extra body weight.

Hack #15 Keep insects at bay with neem

To avoid insects, particularly during the wet season. Put a few neem leaves with wheat flour, rice, and even lentils and pulses. You can even keep germs at bay by putting some leaves in your closets. If you’re not sure where to look, just glance around.

Hack #16 Never throw whey water

The next time you extract paneer from milk. Do not discard the leftover water. It can be used to knead the dough software, for making Curry’s, can be added in soups, can be used to wash hair skin, good for plants as well and if you’re digestive system is weak, drink it as it is. It’s a medicine for you.

Hack #17 Milk and curd never go waste

Is your milk or curd sour? Rather than ingesting it and thereby unbalancing your pitta dosha, use it to cleanse your hair and skin while showering. It will instantly shine your hair and smooth your skin.

Hack #18 Create froth in the milk

Does drinking milk cause your tummy to bloat? One simple method is to generate froth in the milk by pouring it from a height into another glass, then back into the same glass. Repeat two to three times more. This makes the milk exceedingly easy to digest. Ideal for persons who frequently suffer from gas.

Hack #19 Do not immediately get up

Do you experience bloating immediately after a meal? One smart hack is not to immediately get up after eating food, keeps sitting at least for a while. If you can sit in Vajraasana, it’s so rewarding that you can see the difference in just one second.

Hack #20 Grow spiritually

woman meditation
woman meditation

Do you having difficulties sleeping because you have too many thoughts? It completely relies on what your mind consumes. Spend some time each night before going to bed reading a book that will relax you. It’s most likely a novel. It’s spiritual books for me. Not only can they relax the mind, but the readings get easily buried in our subconscious minds, allowing us to grow spiritually.