Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong After Meal

Is a healthy diet enough to keep you healthy? Your pre- and post-meal actions might have a significant impact on your body. Nowadays, most people eat nutritious meals after they eat. Some people have a habit of drinking a lot of water or going right to bed. These practices can cause more damage than benefit since they interrupt digestion. Certain items should be avoided immediately following meals.

Stop consuming fruits

After meals mistake

Fruits are indeed healthful, but they should not be ingested immediately following a meal. Fruits digest quite quickly, so if you eat them after a meal, they ferment and release a lot of gases. Furthermore, the increased sugar content can make digestion difficult. Instead, consume fruits as a snack between two meals during the day. Fruit should be consumed 2 hours before or after your meal.

Stay away from Tea

After meals mistake

Drinking tea right after a meal can cause indigestion. We’re talking about ordinary milk tea here, Chai. Tea leaves have a high acidity level; if your meal contains protein, this acid will stiffen the protein, making it difficult to digest. After an hour, or preferably two hours, you can have a cup of tea.

Do not gulp water

After meals mistake

Many people drink a lot of water right after eating, or they drink water while eating. It is obvious that when you drink water with your food, all of the digestive juices in our stomach, including hydrochloric acid, are diluted. These acids and fluids are essential for digestion because they break down food particles and transform them into energy. As a result, drink water half an hour before or one and a half to two hours after your meal. If you must drink water shortly after a meal, for example, to take medicine or simply to wash your mouth, you should only drink warm water.

Do not rush to take a bath

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Digestion required transfer of energy and blood flow to the stomach. Bathing right after eating lower the body temperature and slows down the digestion process. This occurs because the blood is diverted towards the layer of the skin which is enduring the cold-water impact. To avoid indigestion bath before meal or take bath 1hours after your meals.

Hold back your sleep

Sleeping or even sitting right after your meal will slow down your digestive process, resulting in bloating, pain, and a sensation of fullness when you wake up from your sleep. Instead, wait at least two hours after eating dinner. Immediately Even after lunch, you should take at least a hundred steps around the block. Sit for a while, lie down, take a nap, but don’t sleep throughout the day.

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Sleeping right after meals is a mistake

However, after eating, when you lie down for an afternoon sleep or siesta, you should lie down on your left side so that your right tonsils operate better and your digestion improves. Because of the way our bodies are built, our stomach is on the left side. Gravity prevents digestive fluids from moving up and out of the system, which aids digestion and reduces the risk of heartburn. It also helps to transport food waste from the large intestine to the descending colon.

So, if you want to gain the benefit of the healthy meal you eat, put an end to the wrong habits right away.

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Smoking cigarettes

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Tobacco use is harmful, but many smokers have the habit of smoking after a meal. Remember that smoking and tobacco are comparably harder on the stomach, and carcinogens that you breath along the route might irritate the wall linings of the intestine, leading to problems such as IBS and bowel infection in the long run. You are also exposing yourself to another potentially hazardous side effect. According to one study, smoking one cigarette after eating has the same effect as smoking ten cigarettes all at once.


These are some basic steps to make your digestive system healthier, and also reduce the problem of acidity and gas. So, which of these habits are you guilty of? Do you let us know in the comments section below