7 Simple Habits to Feel Happy Every Day

Here are 7 Simple Habits to Feel Happy Every Day

1. Daily Decluttering To Be Happy ?

Your surroundings have a greater impact on your mood than most people think. If your environment is full of clutter or waste, it will cause stress and tension, which will have a bad impact on your mood and well-being. On the other side, keeping your space clean and ordered fosters a stronger sense of control. It makes you feel more balanced and stable, which brightens your day.

So, if you want to be happier every day, spend a little time cleaning up your environment every day. Pick up any clothing that are laying on the floor, wash the dishes that you left in the sink, and put away extra documents that are lying around your desk. Take action to address the minor messes in your life. Otherwise, the mess would accumulate and weigh on your mind. You may be thinking that I don’t have time to clean for an hour every day, but that’s the best part about this simple daily practise. You don’t need to clean for hours at a time as little as five minutes of organization can keep your space clean by chipping away at your messes every day. You’re preventing big messes from piling up. No more long days cleaning your entire house. No more sorting through hundreds of loose papers over seats like cleaning consistently.

You’re not only removing a huge source of stress in your life, you’re making it easier to keep your environment looking the way you like it. So, dedicate 5 minutes every day to decluttering your space. Put away four or five items, wash two or three dishes, then move on with your day because 5 minutes of cleaning is all it takes to lift your spirits and live a happy life.

2. Random Kindness

How does it feel to receive kindness from a stranger? Something as simple as a smile, a compliment, or a free drink at a restaurant can bring happiness into your life. But as good as it feels to receive kindness, it feels even better to spread kindness to the people you meet if you want to make each day happier, then fill your life with random acts of kindness.

In other words, find ways to positively impact other people’s lives. You can do something simple like donating to a charity or buying a meal for someone who’s hungry. If you have more time, you can volunteer at a soup kitchen or any number of nonprofit organizations. The world is always in need of kind people, and there will always be opportunities to give back.

Of course, you can’t do these things every day. You must go to work, maintain your relationships, and keep your obligations in mind. Even a hectic schedule should not prevent you from spreading kindness in the world around you. For example, it takes less than a second to smile at someone who appears to be having a difficult day. It simply takes a few seconds to commend someone who is working hard. Because you never know what kind of day another person is experiencing, your random act of kindness could completely change their day. You might be the reason this person finds happiness today, so be kind to everyone you meet, go out of your way to brighten other people’s lives because a few seconds of kindness can make other people happy for a lifetime.

3. 100 Words

How frequently do you consider how many people struggle to manage with stress and other negative emotions? Why? Because you lack healthy channels for expressing the ideas and sensations that whirl around you. If you want to be happy, you must create. Opportunities to handle pressures, solve difficulties, and develop mindfulness in your life.

Writing in a journal is one of the finest methods to do all three of these things. Many people find journaling to be a challenging habit to adopt. What exactly are you supposed to write about? How can you know if what you’re writing is correct? The solution to both of these queries is straightforward. There is no correct or incorrect way to journal, just as there is no correct or incorrect way to feel. You should write about whatever comes to mind.

It doesn’t matter what you write, as long as you’re writing reflects the way you honestly think or feel. And if you can do that, journaling will provide a healthy outlet where you can express and understand your thoughts and feelings. Like all the healthy habits on this list, journaling can improve your life. But it doesn’t demand too much of your time.

Writing as few as 50 words, or two to four phrases, can help you release stress, pressure, and negativity. It can also develop pleasant feelings, increase motivation, and promote self-esteem. These good feelings work together to help you develop a happier existence, so why not take advantage of this simple, healthy practice now? Spend a few minutes each day writing down your thoughts. Fill in the blanks with whatever you like. If you are honest and open, you may discover that you have more to say than you think.

4. Dare Yourself

Do you have a bucket list of things you wish to do? We all have experiences we wish to have. Perhaps it’s a brilliant moment in your profession and an exciting risk that you wish to take to attain whatever experiences you want for yourself. Let me ask you a question. What is it that is preventing you from having such experiences? Why are you having trouble following through? To live a happier life, push yourself to do the things that are important to you.

Don’t fantasies about what it would be like. Don’t sit on the bench wishing you had the guts. Instead, challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone. And try something new, because fresh experiences mould you as a person every time you push yourself. You’re gaining self-esteem, confidence, and courage.

You’re reminding yourself that you’re capable of doing more than you think, even if it’s only chatting to a stranger. Every difficulty you overcome makes you a stronger, happier, and more confident person. So, the next time you wonder what that might be like, remember this. Dare yourself to accomplish something you didn’t know you could do every week or even every day, even if it scares you, since a few minutes of dread or embarrassment will never exceed the confidence, pleasure, and enjoyment you acquire from every remarkable experience.

5. Get Inspired

One of the most powerful emotions in our lives is inspiration. When we find inspiration, we experience a surge of enthusiasm, confidence, and vision that propels us to do incredible things. However, the beauty of inspiration is that it is all around us. Books can provide you with inspiration. The trees in the movies you watch

The sky and the clouds outside your window Why waste another minute feeling unmotivated or uninspired when inspiration is all around us? There will always be people, creations, and environments to inspire you, but you won’t find it unless you’re ready to look for it. It’s just as easy to go through life staring at the ground, losing out on all the inspiring things going on around you. However, if you pay attentively and keep an open mind, you may come upon a universe of amazing options. Of course, inspiration is more than just a strong motivator.

It’s a source of being happy, source of satisfaction, and meaning in your life. Inspiration empowers you not only to work and create, but to chase your innermost dreams. So, spend a few minutes each day getting inspired. Go out into the world, ignite your passions, and pursue creative ideas. Because little by little, your inspirations will help you create a happy, more meaningful life.

6. Save Something

Do you reach for your wallet when you’re having a terrible day? Do you treat yourself to new clothes or electronics to cheer yourself up? Material purchases make you happy for a few moments, but there is a better method to lift your spirits the next time you see something you enjoy. Don’t waste your money.

Put your wallet back in your pocket and opt to save your hard-earned money instead. You’ll be shocked at how liberating it is to save money. You’re not only protecting yourself from guilt, shame, and regret, but you’re also reminding yourself of something crucial. You have authority over your judgments. You get to choose how each dollar is spent. Every time you say no to a costly item, you acquire control over your cravings and temptations, strengthening your willpower and developing self-discipline.

Unsurprisingly, all of these things improve your mood and raise your confidence so the next time you feel the urge to spend hundreds of dollars, choose to save your money, put your wallet back in your pocket and take control of your decisions. Because saving your money is much more rewarding than spending it.

7. Little Adventures

Many people are bored or sad because they are stuck in the same patterns day after day. You go through the same motions. You go the same routes and chat to the same people, but there’s a simple method to inject some variety and excitement into your mundane routines.

Every day, embark on your own small excursion. Travel somewhere you’ve never been before to surprise yourself. Hey, maybe you walk into a store you’ve never seen before or take a route you’ve never taken before. It could be as simple as writing in a different color ink or greeting someone in a different language.

Try to incorporate more variety into your life in whatever way you can. because your days don’t have to be stale or boring even if you just have a few minutes spare go on a short adventure because a few minutes of novelty can make every day a pleasant one


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