10 Signs Someone is Secretly in Love with You

Here are 10 signs someone is secretly in love with you.

Signs Someone is Secretly in Love with You

1. Acts of Service

Do you know anybody who is always doing you favors? Favors and pleasant surprises may suggest hidden romantic feelings. When someone is in love with you, they want to make your life easier. They want you to grin, laugh, and have fun because they genuinely care about you. They may lack the courage to admit their feelings out, so they express their feelings through acts of service. This someone might bring you food or open doors for you.

They may take you to your favorite restaurant or planned elaborate surprises. Acts of service come in all shapes and sizes, but they all send the same message. This person cares about you. Even though this person can’t express their feelings out loud, their actions may communicate their love loud and clear.

2. Proximal Nerves

Signs Someone is Secretly in Love with You

Do you know anyone who feels awkward in your presence? Maybe they’re confident and serene 99 percent of the time. They’re capable socialites who appear nice and safe in practically any situation. But the instant you walk into the room, they fall apart. Their facial expressions alter. They obtain speech, tide, and silence. They become too insecure, and their confidence simply vanishes.

So, what’s going on here? Why does this individual alter when you are present? The solution is straightforward. This individual is secretly in love with you. Their attitude and body language change because they care passionately about what you believe. They are physically and emotionally attached to you, and their nerves get the best of them. On the surface, it may appear that this person dislikes you. They may avoid spending time with you in some instances, but they are not attempting to create distance. They’re only concerned about making a negative first impression. This individual is awkward around you because their affections for you are so powerful, and those sentiments are what undermine their confidence.

3. Personalized Plans

If someone secretly adores you, they will seek out opportunities to spend time with you. They want to get to know you and strengthen your bond, so they organize outings and select events for you to attend. But how do you tell if someone truly loves you? Plans and invitations might be used to convey friendship rather than love. They may prefer to spend time with you as a friend rather than a partner, but how can you tell if it’s love or friendship?


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Take a look at the types of activities they wish to undertake together. Is this person making arrangements that are tailored to your tastes? Are they taking advantage of your hobbies or interests to get involved in your personal life? This is a strong indicator that someone is secretly in love with you. They are not only enjoying your company, but they are also becoming entwined with your life. They want to see all sides of you. They want to see the places and activities that you enjoy. In other words, they want to enjoy what you enjoy, which is something more than friendship.

4. Genuine Interest

Signs Someone is Secretly in Love with You

Do you know someone who’s a great listener? Who they ask good questions. They show interest in your life, and they rarely ever dominate the conversation. Instead of talking about themselves, they’re genuinely curious about you.

So, if someone is secretly in love with you, they will prioritize listening over everything else. They aren’t taking advantage of your relationship to satisfy a deeper need for attention. Instead, they are concerned with you as an individual. They are drawn to you. They are really concerned about your happiness and your ambitions, which is why they are inquiring about your life.


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Someone who is solely concerned with oneself only speaks about themselves. Because they aren’t thinking about you, your life, or your feelings, they dominate every conversation. They’re preoccupied with their own issues. As a result, you’re the last thing on their mind. Pay attention to how much time someone spends talking if you want to know how they feel about you. If they talk more than they listen, you might not be their top priority. However, if they are genuinely interested in what you have to say, this individual may have genuine affections for you.

5. Impartial Defenses

Do they rush to your aid anytime you require it? Do they always come to your defence? If you answered yes, this individual might be secretly in love with you. They have a sense of commitment to you that goes beyond ordinary friendship; even if they disagree with your viewpoints, they will protect or defend you because you are special to them.

This is common among people in relationships, but it’s equally common among secret romances. This person may not have the courage to confess their love, but they’re always on your side. They instinctively empathize with your struggles, and they want to be your guardian and defender.

They are always there to pick you up when you are down, just as they function as a caretaker when you need them. If you are ill, they will bring you medicine or prepare you a meal. Whatever they can do to assist and support you. If this seems familiar, they’re more than just a dependable and helpful friend. This person has feelings for you that extend beyond friendship.

6. Secret Language

Do they make jokes only the two of you understand? inside jokes or like a secret language, the language you only understand if you’re in on the joke when you make an inside joke with someone, you’re creating a special connection. Not only are you making each other laugh, which is a powerful feeling. But you’re also creating a special bond that unique to the two of you.

Inside jokes, by definition, improve love bonds. If someone is secretly in love with you, they will make inside jokes to strengthen your friendship, and they will remember hilarious things you did together. They’ll bring up memories that will make you laugh. In other words, they’ll learn to communicate with you in a way that others don’t comprehend.

Of course, inside jokes aren’t the only components of a hidden language. As you become closer, you begin to understand this person on a deeper level, and you discover deeper meanings in their body language and tone of voice. You are aware of what makes this person laugh, but you are also aware of what makes them furious, frustrated, or sad. If you are in love with someone, you may develop an intricate hidden language that only you two understand.

7. Romantic Discomfort

What happens when you talk about romance? Do they become uncomfortable anytime love enters the conversation? If someone has feelings for you, they may react negatively to conversations about love or relationships.

Signs Someone is Secretly in Love with You

They get anxious and self-conscious, their confidence wanes, their personality may suddenly change. Why? Because you struck a nerve. Alright, let’s say you’re talking to someone who’s secretly in love with you. Every time you mention relationships, this person changes the subject.

Your self-assurance fades, and they are at a loss for words. The same thing can happen when you make a joke about dating or falling in love; it may be a joke to you. However, it is a serious possibility in their minds. So pay attention to how they behave when the subject of relationships comes up. If their moods shift abruptly, they may harbor feelings for you.

8. Unusual Fascination

Signs Someone is Secretly in Love with You

Someone who loves you will find you fascinating. They can’t come up with anything more intriguing than your life. They are interested in all the mundane elements of your day, and they value every minute you share. These particulars would be dull or routine to anyone else.

No one cares what errands you did today or what your coworker said at the office. But if someone secretly loves you, they’ll cherish all these tiny details. They care about every aspect of your life, because there’s no one they find more fascinating than you.

9. Sticking Around

What happens when you get through a fight? Do they run away or do they stick around and figure things out? Alright, let’s say you did something stupid. You made a terrible mistake and someone else is paying the price. This person could abandon you.

They may flee, leaving you behind. Instead of fleeing, they stay and work through this terrible predicament. If this sounds similar, you’ve met someone who cares about you, even if they haven’t told you. Because of how much you mean to them, they have the will to persevere through difficult times. Even if you make a silly mistake, they will see you for who you are.

They look past your lowest moments, and when the going gets tough. They’re willing to fight for your relationship. That’s why this person never runs for the hills, no matter how often you fight, they may not express their feelings out loud but deep down. They love you too much to run away.

10. Emotional Empathy

Someone who cares about you wants to know about your issues. They don’t just listen; they empathise with your difficulties and are truly concerned about how you feel. They are pleased when you are happy. When you’re down, they’re down.

Signs Someone is Secretly in Love with You

If you’re having difficulty completing a task that is important to you. Someone who cares about you will understand your difficulty. Because this person understands your concerns, they never judge or condemn you, they never discount your emotions, and they never dismiss your problems because something that is important to you is also important to them.

Consider how you engage with this person when anything goes wrong; if they ignore you or make light of your issues, they may not be in love with you; but, if they empathise with your emotions and care about your experiences, this person may be hiding romantic feelings.